What is this chat page about?
- website owners and developers must read

Do you own a website? Are you looking for a chat page for your website? What if I tell you this is the page you are looking for.

This is a simple shared chat page and can be used directly or embed way on your website - for free.

The concept is, you will use the chat page on your website but using my chat server. So basically, multiple users can connect with my shared chat server from different websites. One single chat page - on multiple websites - with multiple users.

No matter where the user is chatting, it will be available in the entire chat network. The page is so simple that your users just need to enter their alias or name and they are in.

People who love to keep his visitors on his website, can implement this within 42 seconds. For detailed documentation please continue reading. This is so simple that you can embed this chat page without blinking eyes.

The goal

The service is made for fun. Use or modify this chat page in your website freely. Very helpful for musical sites, social sites and forums.

Live Public Chat Live Anonymous Chat

How does it work?

I manage the centralized chat platform. It has basically two sections. One is a core backend server where all chat messages are received, processed and broadcast. Other one is the client side page. We are sharing our client side page (front end page) with you so you can integrate this on your website. Once you implement that, the page will communicate to the backend server and your chat page is ready to serve.


There are few things I would like to highlight about this chat.

For site owners

  • Free
  • Implement in 42 seconds
  • WordPress plugin available (extract the zip file and upload the folder to your WordPress plugin directory)
  • Full customization (control your page what to show and not to show, mention your brand etc)
  • Your own social share links
  • Your own Google analytics
  • Increase traffic by 26 percent

For your website users

  • No registration required
  • No information tracked
  • Make friends, fun, flirt

Is it free?

Yes, it is 100% free service to use. Not only that, if you own a website, and you want to add this system on your website you can use this for free of cost. However, there is a catch. Occasionally we may show some special notification on the chat window. But this will not affect on the user's experience.

How to embed the Chat page on your website

Integrate within 42 seconds. Life time free. Most importantly - use your own brand.

  1. WordPress site integration

    You can use the WordPress plugin on your website. The plugin will give you control over the page.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Download Public Chat WordPress plugin or Anonymous Chat WordPress plugin
    2. Upload to wp-content/plugins using FTP client (Ex: FileZilla)
    3. Now login to your WordPress backend and go to plugins area.
    4. Install and activate "Public Chat" or "Anonymous Chat".
    5. Adjust the settings. For example: chat display URL (the URL where you want to show the chat page)
    6. You are done. Simply go to your chat URL and public chat page should be there.

    For better understanding, please have a look on the plugin setting page screenshot below:

    Public Chat For WordPress
    WordPress Settings Page

  2. Any PHP site integration

    1. Create an executable file (ex: PHP) in your web server. Example: public-chat.php.
    2. Put this line: echo file_get_contents('');
    3. Visit your site from the browser:

  3. HTML integration (Works on any web server)

    1. Create a file called public-chat.html
    2. Open it with text editor, for example Sublime, Notepad ++ text editors etc.
    3. Go to Public Chat Live site and get the source code. To get source code press the following key from your computer.
      1. Firefox: CTRL + U
      2. Google Chrome: CTRL + U
    4. Copy entire text, paste to public-chat.html, save it.
    5. Edit any text you want to customize, save it.
    6. Upload the file to your web server using FTP client (Ex: FileZilla)
    7. Visit your site from the browser:

How to customize the chat page?

For WordPress you can manage your views using the settings page.

When you are using echo file_get_contents('');, you will have default settings which we provide. However you can edit those by sending some parameters. Example: echo file_get_contents('');

For HTML, just remove the unnecessary HTML codes and save it in the HTML.

What are the parameters?

You can use the following query parameters (GET) to control your chat page dynamically.

  • brd (Brand): Ex: DriveBird Network
  • dsu (Display Site URL): Ex:
  • gac (Google Analytics Code): Ex: UA-42232429-6
  • hdn (Hide Donation): Ex: 1(yes), 0(no)
  • hdd (Hide Developer Documentation): Ex: 1(yes), 0(no)
  • hbu (Home or Back URL): Ex: [Put # if you don't want to use 'back' button]

I would like to implement this script on my website. Can you help me?

Yes, I will help you to configure this on your website. Feel free to contact me. And don't worry, you don't have to pay for the support :)

Can I use chat smileys?

Yes, to get a list of emoji, you can download this smiley list json. Use your preferred programming language to access the images.

Is there any API to connect with ChatBot?

Yes, a free chat bot api is available to use. Follow API documentation to use the API. Use the Example payload to exchange your text with chat bot.

Free ChatBot API

Is there any special command for ChatBot?

Yes, there is. You can get list of commands by sending this "help:".

Terms of service - Chat Page

By using this service means you are agree with out terms of service and privacy policy.
If you decide to add this service to your website, you must agree following terms of service.

  1. You are not allowed to configure this script as bot user.
  2. Don't hurt anyone's feeling!

Facing difficulties to implement? I want to help!!!

Happy To Help