Issue Tracker, easy and powerful bug tracking software (free)

Remote team management using Issue Tracker for free of cost. It provides easy collaboration and helps increase the productivity, track bugs and feature requests during product development. Email notification, employee bill calculation and much more.

2018-08-22 (GMT)

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What is Issue Tracker?

Issue tracker is a remote team management application. This is a project-based system that acts like a partner in managing the complete issue lifecycle. It is a feature-rich product that prioritizes work, tracks progress and has the ability to send notifications, alerts and reminders. Calculate your invested time and money for your project or employee individual. Give your team the power of collaboration, ease of communication and simplicity of use with practically no IT cost.

Should I use Issue Tracker?

If you work with a team who communicate with you through internet then this will be very helpful to you. Following professions will get most advantage from it.

  • IT professionals
  • Others who does freelance and required a way to manage his work along with time and money

What are features of Issue Tracker?

  • It is free (almost)
  • Create issue
  • Hire employee with a hourly rate
  • Create up to 10 projects
  • Hire up to 25 employee in a single project
  • Calculate employee work time
  • Calculate employee bill
  • One click issue status, priority and assigning person
  • Get every comment and other changes notification via email
  • Reply to email to post your comment directly to the issue

What about Issue Tracker pricing?

Use up to 200 HIT per day per project for free. This is sufficient for most small and middle size projects.

What is HIT?

We count each action as a HIT. For example, leaving a comment or changing status will be count as a HIT.

What if I ended up the free HIT quota?

You can access anything but your changes will not be accept. That means you cant change issue status or even comment on issues. In that case, either employee needs to wait for next day when free quota refills itself or project manager can pay a small amount. After it, we charge 1 Paisa for 2 hit(s).

What are payment methods?


How does it work?

  • Login with your account
  • Navigate to Issue Tracker from left menu panel
  • Once you there, you will see sub menus on right side.
  • Create a project with very few information
  • Send a hire request to your employee. You may add yourself as an employee. When you do that make sure you put hourly rate for the employee. In case you do not want to work with hourly basis, you may put 0 as hourly rate.
  • Your employee will receive an email with a approval link. He/she needs to click on it to join your project.
  • Now, create issues, assign anyone. Set priority if you like. Employee may change issue status as he/she is working. When done, it may have status under review etc.
  • An employee have a time counter button for specific issue. On press, DriveBird Network will count his/her work time for that specific issues.
  • Each issue has comment box. Anyone in that project can comment as discussion.
  • If any attachment needed to enclose with an issue, it can be done too.
  • Any one can search, filter issues. Employee can see their billing. Project manager can see his/her employee billing status.
  • Each events will be send to each employee of the project. Everyone is watching via email.
  • Any one can comment via email. The comment will be posted on that issue automatically.
  • This is very easy to use. Try it, and you will love it. We have single line assistance on Issue Tracker. But if you feel lost, give us a feedback from our home page. We will look into it as soon as possible.

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