Login with DriveBird, 5 minutes implementation for your website

Place this tiny code to your website and leave user authentication and security to us. Its so simple and takes 5 minutes to implement. Very easy and secure way to login.

2018-08-22 (GMT)

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What is Login With DriveBird?

Login With DriveBird is a way to share our user's data with your site. So you don't need to implement any user login management system to your site. Simply use the login URL provided by DriveBird Network and leave user authentication system to us.

Should I use Login With DriveBird?

If you need any user login system, definitely you should try that.

What are features of Login With DriveBird?

  • It is free
  • Secure
  • No update required from your end
  • Extremely easy to configure
  • Multiple login for multiple sites

What about Login With DriveBird pricing?

It is free. Create app for login and simply use it.

How does it work?

  • You (merchant) needs to create an app. You will be asked to input a login url. You will get another url to place in your website.
  • You place the login with drivebird link to your site
  • A customer (user) clicks on that link and goes to DriveBird Network's login page.
  • User needs to login (or signup) there.
  • User automatically redirected to a page asking for approval to share his/her data with your app.
  • If approved, user will get one time link in his/her email address.
  • Once user click on the link, he approved to share his/her details with you.
  • We will share user's data with your login url page using $_POST method.
  • Now you need to implement your logic here to give access to the user.

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