Leaflets (advertise with us)

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2018-10-24 (GMT)

DriveBird Network - Leaflet banner

What is Leaflet?

Leaflet is the section name where any one can advertise on our website.

Why I should use Leaflet?

  • Very low pricing
  • All organic visitors

What about Leaflet pricing?

Coming soon

What are payment methods?


What are leaflet locations?

  • Widget area. Right side of most of the pages. Just under the service sub menu.
  • Banner area. Top or middle of the appropriate web page contents.
  • Email footer area. Almost all emails we send throughout DriveBird Network, in signature area

Does price vary for leaflet location?

Yes, each location (ex: widget/banner/email etc) has different pricing.

How to know total clicks/views of my leaflet?

Total clicks and views can be found in the leaflet admin area, where you created advertisement.

How to use it?

  • Coming soon

What is the traffic status of DriveBird Network?

Here is the traffic status of DriveBird Network. We send approx 104 emails per day.