Text encryption API

Secure your text with a password

2017-04-23 (GMT)

DriveBird Network - Text Encryption

What is Text encryption?

Some times we need to secure text content. It may either stolen or visible to public. Here comes text encryption. If you are a web application owner, you might want to give your user's security using this service. It is very easy to setup and yes, almost free of cost.

How does Text encryption works?

  1. Provide the original text
  2. Provide a strong password to encrypt
  3. We will return the encrypted string (save it)
  4. When you want to decrypt send the encrypted text to API along with password
  5. If password is correct, we will return the original text you have encrypted

How to use Text encryption API?

  1. Configure how to call the API using POST method. (Example)
  2. Get your appId and secret from here.
  3. To encrypt text use the following key and value
    $data['model'] = "TextEncryption";
    $data['method'] = "convert";
    $data['arg'] = array(
        'appId' => 1,
        'appSecret' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
        'sourceText' => 'Hello World',
        'password' => 'AStrongPassword',
        'target' => 'encrypt'
    $result = json_decode(postData($postUrl, $data));
  4. Based on your programing language provide necessary data


key code Value (Mixed)
model TextEncryption string
method convert string
arg appId Your application Id int
arg appSecret Your application secret string
arg sourceText The text you want to convert string
arg password A strong password string
arg target encrypt or decrypt string

Error code status

status code Details regarding status code
800 Password is not valid when decrypted
OTHER Standard status code explanation is available here

How to test it online?

Online Text Encryption page is the page you are looking for.

Is Text encryption free of cost?

There is a limit of upto 5000 hits per day at free of cost. After that, it will be charged as 50 hits /1 paisa.