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2017-02-18 (GMT)

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What is DriveMail?

This is a simple email service,that can be used for your webs application. You will call our API with the email content and rest of thing will be handled by us.

Why I should use DriveMail?

  • Auto un-subscribe link will be added
  • We use GMail SMTP server, so less chance to go into spam
  • Automatic blacklisting
  • A replying email will be sent to you

How to use DriveMail?

  1. Configure how to call the API using POST method. (Example)
  2. Get your 'access id' and 'access token' from
  3. $data['model'] = "DriveMail";
    $data['method'] = "sendMailRequest";
    $data['arg'] = array(
        "appId"=>1, // YOUR APP ID
        "appSecret"=> "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", // YOUR APP SECRET
        "emailSubject"=> "This is email subject",
        "emailHtmlBody"=> "This is HTML body",
        "emailReceiverName"=> "Mr. UFO",
        "emailReceiverEmail"=> "[email protected]",
        "emailSenderName"=> "Your Name",
        "attachment"=> array(
            "Wordpress" => "",
            "Drupal" => "",
            "Joomla" => ""
    $result = json_decode(postData($postUrl, $data));
  4. Based on your programing language provide necessary data

Can I send attachment using DriveMail?

  • No, we are not providing attachment email support
  • You are allowed to provide attachment links (maximum 10 allowed)

How do I get informed when someone unsubscribed?

  • Mention your unsubscribe listener URL in
  • You may use http/https for the URL (HTTPS recommended)
  • Example:
  • We will post following information to your link
  • secret: your app secret (you should verify it before updating your database)
  • email: the email address to whom the email been sent
  • type: type of email UNSUBSCRIBED
  • Array
        [secret] => xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        [email] => [email protected]
        [type] => UNSUBSCRIBED
  • Based your programing language provide necessary data

How to remove unsubscription from DriveMail service?

What is the terms of service I need to follow?

  • Do not spam

Is DriveMail free?

There is a limit of upto 200 free emails per day. After that, it will be charged. Email: 10 paisa per email. If you are exceed the free quota and the balance is not available, your email will not be added to our mail queue. Paid email priority will be automatically increased so your email will be sent first than free email.

Can I set sender email as I want?

No, we have pre define email address which will be set as "from", however, if some one reply it will go to your DriveBird Network′s registered email address.

How do I pay? What are the payment methods can be accepted by this service?

We can accept the payment only through PayPal at this moment.

This service is no longer available due to terms of service violation and huge email spamming.

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